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The Small Town Webs Web Ring is a series of small town and business directories and sites to help small town America and small town sites compete against business giants

As web designers we advise our clients how important it is to understand the significance of the naming your website. Search engines look at the address of every page on your web site and extract key-words from the content of the url [internet address of the page being viewed]. It can also make it much easier for people that are typing in a URL to access your web. We will design small town business web sites that will be uniquely local, have character and that will welcome the visitors with open arms.

Once people have looked at a web site for a few minutes they will move immediately to asking - is this site giving me the information I need - and can I find it quickly? We ensure the style of your site will make it easy to read. We will make headings, organize sections of content into groups, and use bold and bulleted lists to present key points. To find the specific information people are looking for they rarely read through multiple web pages but rather scan headings and lists to find the detailed sections of interest.

We will make sure that the search engines and the web visitors see a web site that is well organized. Search engines break down web sites based on the structure of the pages. The more content you have on your site the more the search engines can scan that content. You can measure a web site's success by the number of visitors it gets - do you offer them interesting and informative information that relates to your product or service? Relevant content is a key to a successful web site.

The more often the site changes keeps the site fresh. What constitutes change? Adding frequent news articles to your web site is one way to change and update a site. If you are going to link to someone and/or ask them to link to you - ask yourself: is it relevant? Search engines will look at who is linking to you and vice versa.

We create web sites that are accessible to as many people (and systems) as possible. There are many simple ways that you can ensure your web is more widely visible across varied platforms (computer types) and in different browsers.

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