Indispensable Tools for Web Designers

To become a successful web design specialist, you need to have more than just Photoshop, Illustrator, and an understanding of HTML and CSS. In the arsenal of creative and high-quality design, you should have a special toolkit that will help you quickly and efficiently design interfaces to create brilliant pictures.

We have prepared a list of indispensable tools that will help every web designer.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud allows you to use Photoshop and Illustrator at the same time. The package includes instructions that will help you quickly master the functionality of the applications. The program allows you to edit photos and videos and create graphic designs. There is also a mobile version of the application: when you have a great idea, you can work on it anywhere.

Sublime Text

Easy-to-use text editor with a light and minimalistic interface and high speed. It does not take you long to learn the basics of the program keyboard shortcuts. No matter what operating system you have, it will work everywhere. Another advantage is the large number of languages supported and the choice of 20 color schemes.


Perfect for the beginner. A tool that helps to measure the distance between elements and generally between everything visible in the browser. It does not matter if it is an image or overlaid HTML elements, you can measure absolutely everything.


An easy-to-use tool. The main function of this service is to match the color of an already defined color. Usually, developers spend a lot of time on color matching. Now you only need to set the color. The tool is popular not only among beginners but also among experienced users.


A free generator of animated GIFs and APNGs that reflect the downloading process. In other words, it warns the user about the process of downloading the main project by showing him the animation. By selecting the desired category, you can edit the type of image, background color, and speed of animation effects.


The multifunctional tool that allows you to build layouts for prototyping UX design. With a large number of ready-made elements and templates, you can quickly improvise your layout. Great for teamwork. You can present your designs to other team members and customers online and make corrections at the same time considering their comments.


An online editor for creating prototypes and websites. You can use it to draw various diagrams and presentations. Easy to use, it does not require learning long instructions. In a short period, you can sketch your digital product and create it. You can use it without registration, but by registering you get a lot of features.

Axure RP

The Rapid Prototyping App for software prototyping. Prototyping all sorts of things: websites, schematics, workflows, software interfaces. Axure RP is used by those who work on developing prototype sites for customers and want to create them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The benefits are the ability to change forms on one page and a deep degree of interactivity.


Program for daily use, flexible in its work, which has some advantages:

  • speed of operation;
  • version control features and auto-save;
  • accurate visualization of fonts.