Hiring a Web Designer: Signs Your Web Designer Is Terrible

If you are working with a web designer or are planning to hire him to create a website – this publication will help you figure out who is used to “create” templates and is not worthy to wear the proud name of the designer. Maybe you are a web designer? Then add this page to bookmarks, email the article to yourself and print it out, just in case.

The whole work plan

Most of the problems that arise during the project are the result of poor planning and lack of schedule. A good plan has a detailed schedule of all stages and deadlines. It is very important that the customer and the contractor agreed on a schedule before taking to create the site.

No structure of the future site

Imagine that you decided to build the house of your dreams. Before you buy bricks and concrete you will probably go to the architect to make drawings of the foundation, floors, and roof, right? Building a website is a lot like building a house. Your web designer has to draw up a plan and make a layout of each page of the future site. Once you approve the layout, design development will begin.

No SEO strategies

Suppose you decide to find space for a retail store that must be located in a lively place. Would you accept a real estate agent’s offer without asking him about this condition and without personally verifying that the place is really busy and pedestrian traffic is high? This is simply unacceptable. Briefly, if your web designer isn’t thinking about future SEO promotion, he’s terrible.

Your web designer has too many clients

When a web designer deals with several projects at once, he can not be properly focused on any. From this, all work suffers. Web-designer, torn between different projects, becomes irritable. Deadlines will not be met, the quality limps, customers are not happy.

Web designer asks few questions

Your web designer should be asking you lots and lots of questions. Especially at the start of the project. He should learn all about your company, competitors, and clients. Questions should come to you from the very first meeting and beyond, especially during the strategy phase. No questions mean your web designer is not professional.

The web designer is your relative

Never hire someone you can’t fire. Think twice before asking a family member to work for you, let alone fully build a website. Of course, if he’s a web designer, he’ll probably give you a good discount. If he’s a professional, then that’s fine. But there is always a risk that the “family business” will fall into a long box.

Web designer stopped calling you

Every new site starts with enthusiasm, with the desire to make an excellent resource, which will steadily generate revenue. Keep this energy must all the time while the site is created and filled with content. If the web designer is no longer regularly in touch – then the driving force of the project has weakened.


Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule. If you decide to hire or fire a web designer based on these principles, your site is guaranteed to be more successful and bring you more revenue.