3 Web Design Trends You Should Keep in Mind

Every industry has its own trends. This is true for graphic design, marketing, and website development. Time changes and the way we want websites to look also changes. Innovations in technology are empowering webmasters and influence what kind of websites users want to interact with.

You can create really useful websites with a unique design using best movie streaming websites reddit, but if you don’t follow the trends, the website can be considered uninteresting.  Analyzing the information from the Awwwards community, which ranks the best websites, we tried to find out the current web design trends.

If you are planning to design a website, it is important to keep in mind all the latest trends. Make your web design creative by taking into account the forecasts and current trends.
So here are some top web design trends for 2021:

Responsive Design

Responsive design on devices isolated on white

This is a trend that has been known for a long time and will remain at the top for years to come. Therefore, responsiveness is one of the major requirements of a good web page.

Above all, you should focus on smartphones. We all use them for web surfing just as much or even more than PCs or laptops. Focusing on smartphones is also important because if you change your screen resolution, the user may not see some content on the screen. But also for smartphones, some content should look different, making it easier to view and interact.

Push notifications

Current trends are quite controversial, but it makes sense to admit that they are gaining momentum. It’s quite a frustrating experience to see a message from a website on your screen while you are working or choosing products to purchase. Nevertheless, these notifications are sometimes useful. For example, if it is a notification that the tickets to your favorite band’s concert or baseball game are running out.

Users can block notifications if they want to avoid any annoyance. This is why most sites always ask the user to permit the notifications in the browser.

You should always consider the audience of the website when adding this element to the website. It is also worth paying attention to user activity and their main interests The important thing is to set up the visual theme and the notifications’ frequency properly. Keep in mind that notifications should be helpful for users and not scare them away.

Interactive design

As the 21st century moves forward, the people of the world become more and more snorty. Thus, users prefer to see all the necessary information on one web page. So how do you make it happen? Implement an interactive design.

The most typical example is the addition of GIF animation in the product description to provide an overview of the key elements of the product offered. It is much more effective than text, pictures, or even video. The advantage of using GIFs over video content is that GIFs load much faster, and when it comes to the website’s performance, the loading speed is crucial. Also, GIFs will definitely attract the user’s attention, making them stay on the website for a longer time period. Another advantage is that such elements work great in different browsers and can be viewed on any smartphone, regardless of the operating system or screen resolution.

But you should also keep in mind that these animations usually can’t be very long. Remember that you need to fit the entire message into a 5 second-long GIF. If this is not possible, then you’d better give preference to video.